Integrity: Ten Characteristics

Integrity: Ten Characteristics

Ten Characteristics of Real Team Players

1. They understand the team’s goals. They know how their role supports the team’s goals. They don’t blindly follow orders because somebody told them to.

2. They help and encourage their teammates. They don’t hog the credit for team wins. However, if the team is struggling, they don’t keep their mouth shut about the problems they see only in order to avoid making waves. They tell the truth, even when the coach or someone else doesn’t want to hear it (especially then)!

3. They are honest with their teammates, their leaders and themselves. If one of their ideas is unpopular, they don’t abandon it to fit in with everybody else’s ideas.

4. They keep their commitments. A real team player communicates their own expectations and clarifies other people’s expectations of them.

5. They deliver good news and bad news when it is appropriate to do so. They don’t hide bad news or ignore it only to avoid telling somebody what they aren’t ready to hear.

6. They don’t assume that their coach has all the answers, but they don’t talk about the coach or anybody else behind their backs. If they don’t respect the leadership of the organization they work or  play for, they move to another organization. They don’t waste energy and bring their teammates down by complaining.

7. They set boundaries. Because they keep their commitments, they are comfortable saying “I won’t be reachable at all this weekend” or “I will look over your report in the morning — I have to get going now to catch my train.”

8. If they run into a conflict with anyone on the team, they address it. They get issues out on the table and dealt with.

9. They value their teammates’ contributions and their own.

10. They grow their muscles and their mojo all the time and help their teammates do the same.


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