Southern Arizona Law Enforcement Explorer Competition

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The Annual Southern Arizona Law Enforcement Explorer Competition (S.A.L.E.E.C.) is organized by the Explorer Post 181 Advisor Association and hosted in October every year.

Every year we look to add several new events with our competition committee working hard to ensure each year is demanding and fun for all those who participate.

Designed to be physically and mentally demanding, various law enforcement agencies from Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas participate in this competition. Events are designed to test the strengths and limitations of a persons intelligence, personality, demeanor, professionalism, physical abilities as well as dedication to the program. Explorers are given the opportunity to test their kills in realistic scenarios including but not limited to; crime scene investigation, crisis negotiations, domestic disturbance, downed officer rescue, use-of-force, and court room testimony.

These events may be held both in daylight and night time scenarios. The competition will test the Explorers’ physical abilities and teamwork through obstacle courses, physical agility, and a tug of war. Mental abilities are tested through a variety of events including: Report Writing and Courtroom Testimony scenarios, and a Law Enforcement Entry Level Written Exam.

All events will be judged and scored by various law enforcement professionals from local, county, state, and federal agencies throughout the area. In an effort to ensure fairness amongst all competitors, only those professionals (subject matter experts) trained to perform the duties of the event they are judging will be allowed to score the event.

Recognition is given to the 1st through 3rd place teams in each event with 1st through 3rd place for overall scores and may increase to 1st through 5th place depending upon the number of registered Explorer Posts. Participants are encouraged to participate in every event as points are earned for each event toward the overall trophies. The S.A.L.E.E.C. Cup trophy will be presented to the overall 1st place post for a year’s worth of bragging rights.

The coordinators, sponsors and all volunteers are hard at work to make this event better than the last. Please help us in this endeavor and pass the word to all Explorer Posts in your specific areas. Pictures from the event can be viewed at

2018 Registration Packet coming soon!