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Integrity: Ten Characteristics

Ten Characteristics of Real Team Players 1. They understand the team's goals. They know how their role supports the team's goals. They don't blindly follow orders because somebody told them to. 2. They help and encourage their teammates. They don't hog the credit for team wins. However, if the team [...]

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What is Leadership?

What is leadership, anyway? Such a simple question, and yet it continues to vex popular consultants and lay people alike. I’ve now written several books on leadership for employee engagement, and yet it occurred to me that I never actually paused to define leadership. Let’s start with what leadership is [...]

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The Protectors

Law enforcement is a different world, a vastly different world from that in which most of our citizens live.  We live in a different world because we choose to see things that most others would rather look away from, and we choose to walk toward what others would run [...]

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