Now Open! Spring 2019 Explorer Class 19-01

Explorer Post 181 Open House: May 1, 2019

Interested youth ages 13 (must have completed 8th grade) to 17 and their parents are welcome to attend an Open House on May 30, 2019 to learn more about Explorer Post 181. The event will start at 5pm at the Tucson Border Patrol Station and will feature an overview of our program and an opportunity to meet some of our current Explorers.

Before registering, please read about our program and our application requirements.

Following the application and selection process, the new Explorer Trainees will be required to complete an Explorer academy (meetings are on Saturdays) and maintain passing scores in both academic and physical requirements before graduating and earning the rank of Law Enforcement “Explorer”.

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  • Gain exposure to various criminal justice careers and have a positive interaction with law enforcement professionals.

  • Obtain “hands-on” experience and awareness of the criminal justice system, thereby helping Explorers to make an informed decision on a career in law enforcement or a related field.

  • Receive comprehensive career-focused training that in many cases qualifies for academic credit (i.e. career education credit).

  • Preparation for career-related college degree programs and other advanced education opportunities

  • Benefit from interpersonal growth through self-discipline, teamwork, challenging experiences, and high standards of performance and personal conduct.

  • Enhanced character development and improved physical and mental fitness.

  • Learn responsibility to self and others through leadership opportunities.

  • Community service and networking activities by assisting sponsoring agency in a supplementary law enforcement and liaison capacity.

Explorer Post 181

Explorer Post 181 is chartered through Learning for Life/Boy Scouts of America (LFL/BSA) and promotes personal growth through character development, respect for the rule of law, physical fitness, good citizenship and patriotism.

Explorer Post 181 is committed to the partnership between law enforcement and America’s youth and can be your bridge to one of the most challenging and exciting missions in law enforcement today as America’s frontline.

To learn more about Explorer Post 181 visit the About Us page or Contact an Advisor today. We look forward to having you on our team!

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